quinta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2012

Hello! My name is Gabriel, I have 16 years.
This card was sent by Kseniya.
She lives in Minsk, capital of Belarus and has 18 years.

Really enjoyed this card! In it there is the image of General Post Office from there, which was built in 1955.

Hello! My name is Gabriel.
This card was submitted by Stephanie.
She lives in the United States, in the Northwest, In the city of Indiana (there are 45 minutes from chicago).

I liked the card! It shows A beautiful view of the Urban area of Chicago!

                                           Hello! My name is Gabriel
This card was sent by Jennifer
She lives in Taipei, a city of Taiwan.

The card has a beautiful picture of a temple called Chihkan Tower.
A beautiful sight!

Hello! My name is Gabriel
Liliane sent this card to me.
She is from Poland, and lives in a town called Tuchola.

The view of the city is very beautiful! I really liked this card!

Hello! My name is Gabriel, I have 16 years.
This card was sent by Maud.
She lives in a small town in the North of the Netherlands with his parents.
I liked the card! It shows an artistic type different than I knew!

Hello! My name is Gabriel, I have 16 years.
Olga sent me this card!
She lives in Kiev, a city of Ukraine.
The card shows one of the most popular summer vacation of Ukraine, the Crimea.
A very beautiful!

Hello! My name is Gabriel, I have 16 years.
Galina sent me this card.
She lives in Vladimir, a town in Russia.
I liked the card! A beautiful landscape of common objects forming a great image!

Hello! My name is Gabriel, I have 16 years.
This card was sent by Sandy.
She lives in Taiwan, in a town called Taipei.
This card shows a beautiful picture of cherry blossoms at night! (Cherry trees are called Sakuras there)

Hello! My name is Gabriel, I have 16 years.
This card was sent by Jennifer, who lives in Mississippi, a city in the South of the United States.
Images of balloons are always good images!

Hi! My name is Gabriel!
This card was sent by Tereska, who lives in Bydgoszcz, a town in Poland.
Very nice card! A beautiful image of one of the streets of your city!

Hi! My name is Gabriel!
This card was sent by Sarah, who lives in Duisburg, a city of Germany.
Very nice card! See an image of this is certainly odd, but who wouldn't want to do that too right?

Fábio Augusto - 2ª série A

Gabriel Morais - 2ª série A

Eduardo Silva - 2ª série A

Felipe - 2ª série A

Géssica - 2ª série A

Gustavo - 2ª série A

Luana 2ª série A

Andressa - 2ª série A

Talita - 2ª série A

Letícia - 2ª série A


Hello my name is Andressa.
This post was submitted by cheroma (Or Robert) mora Eindhoven (Netherlands).This city has more or less 200,000 people.
He seems to know a lot of Brazilian football.
The card shows images of everyday life of many people.
Is quite interesting.

quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2012

                                    Vistdal - Noruega
This card was sent by a 39 year old woman who lives in Norway. She has several hobbies, including Photography, traveling, collecting cards ...
                                    Abstract designs
This card was sent by Janelte who lives in Arnhem in the Netherlands. She sent this card with one of his favorite phrases author Eleanor Roosevelt Many people are in your life, but only friends leave footprints in your heart.                                           Belarus

This card was submitted by Anna who lives in Belarus. She likes music, and she hopes that I enjoy the card. The card represents a city of Belarus.
                              Disney character Goofy
This card was sent by Siegmar which has 56 years old and living in a small town called Wiesmoov, in Germany. This card says that at the time, the biggest players are the football player Franz Beckenbauer of Germany. And Brazil, Pelé. And says that he twists to Werder Bremen.
This card was sent by a 17 year-old student who lives in Minst capital of Belarus. She studies at the College of Languages of Minst. Sent this card to me, because he saw in my poscrossing profile, who like extreme sports like KAYAKING
                Photo of a tourist spot of Belarus
This card was sent from Belarus and wished me all the best and many postcards for me.

                                    Resort of Pucón

This card was sent by Andrea during one of his trips. She bought this card when I was in Chile in Ricón in one of his trips. This card is about the resort of Pucón.
                                       Dutch Shoes
Adicionar legendaThis card was submitted by Melanie. She has 33 years of age, lives in a small town in the Netherlands. She loves sports and her boyfriend twists to Ajax, the best team of the Netherlands.
                                            The Owl
This card was sent by Michelle of Belgium. On the card it says that picked up this card on one of his trips to send to me.
                                     Merry Christmas
On this card, wished me a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday.
                                    Merry Christmas
This card was sent by Antonio da Spain. On this card I wish much health, peace, friendship, love, work. And a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
                                     Mantas e Annas
This card is very special to me.Is not in the market for sale, because it was specially made to send to me via a photo of one of two twins, Plaids and Annas. They are the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius.This card was sent by their mother. And they are very fond of football.
                                     Volans - Rússia 
This card was sent by his parents who live in St. Petersburg in Russia (the second largest city of Russia second only to the capital Moscow) but it is of Volans. Is in the city because of its faculty, which is in the 3rd year of psychologist
                 Merry Christmas and a happy new year
This was the first card that I received. In it, Lhona and Robert, who are from Poland, want everything good to me.

                                                               Marilyn Monroe
This card is talking about the famous Marilyn Monroe. A famous actress romantic comedy.
This card is a photo from the capital of Finland, submitted by Taru. She has 30 years and enjoys beautiful Photography, heavy music and serials. His favourite is Sons of Anachy

My name is Eduardo, and those are some of my postcards that I received. 

This card I got from a little girl of Portugal called Leonor, she has 3 years old, her aunt writes the cards for her, and says that when Leonor grow will show all cards for her.

This postcard was sent from Germany. The person who sent me didn't say much to each other. He said that lives in Near Hambury, and wished me Merry Christmas.

This card I received from China, the person is called Xiaoyan. On this the statue of Wei Tuo, the guardian of Buddhism, this statue is in Shuanglin Temple in Pingyao, in the province of Shauxi.

This post was submitted by Eric who lives in Belgium. The image is of the Virgen de la Esperanza Macarena in Sevilla.

This card, I got from a Russian named Julia, who lives in Moscow. The photo is from the Cathedral of Moscow.
This postcard was sent to me by a Dutch named Yolanda. Shows many striking features of Holland.

This was the first postcard I received, it is a Dutchman named Reinoud. In front is a Russian aeroplane Antonove AN-2.

This postcard was sent to me by an American named Tiffany, shows great Chicago buildings.