domingo, 13 de janeiro de 2013

The name of him who sent me the card is Andriy, is 29 years old. Like to read, go to the movies and theater, meet friends and travel a lot.
Been in Hungary, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Germany, Spain, USA, UAE, Oman, Egypt, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Norway, Sweden, Finland, United Kingdom, Iceland, Portugal, Yemen.
For him, visiting new places and meeting new people is the most exciting thing in the world.
The name is Jo-Anne and is 29 years old. Like puzzles that are in 'That's Life' and 'Take 5' magazine says that helps keep the brain young and active. The roses are the favorite flowers of all, love watching DVD / movies too.
His name is Małgorzata, lives in Lublin, holding the profession of departure. And that's what I know of him.
The people who sent me this card are mother and daughter, they live in southeastern Finland. The pastimes of them are aquariums, diving and travel. She has two dogs and an aquarium. Have been to many places but still have the dream to visit New Zealand and Australia (and mother also wants to travel to Greenland).
Who sent me this card is Olia and Artyom. They live in the Republic of Belarus, speak to people who are very fond of talking and laughing, waiting to get married in a little time, they like to sing songs! Go to the movies and like the book "Vampire Diaries."
The name of the person who sent me this card is Francisca and is 32 years old. Lives in Apeldoorn, a city at the center of Holland. She enjoys listening to music, watching movies, going to concerts and metalfestivals, reading (mostly fantasy, detective, historical novels), walking, cycling and spending time with her boyfriend.


Well, the only thing I know is that this person likes cats, Gothic architecture and art. The card does not say anything and that's it! : (


David lives near San Francisco, California. He wants to study art and journalism. He also said he loves traveling and has visited several countries such as Mexico, China, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan, Austria, Turkey, Cambodia, etc..