domingo, 3 de fevereiro de 2013

I received this card Olga, she is 27 years old and lives in Belarus, the picture is of a church in the capital of Belarus, she thinks that here in Brazil we do not have snow, but explained that it snows in the south in the winter sometimes.
I received this post from Eric, he lives in Germany and has 8 years old, his handwriting is kind of hard to understand, but the picture is of a church at dawn or dusk.
I received this postcard Victor, he likes math and history, he lives in China. He did not write much in the post, but said it was a picture of a bridge that exists in China.
I received this postcard from Julia, she lives in Ukraine, she says she likes to cook, likes art and music. She said the photo is the Monastery of Bernardin, she lives near there, and she finds it beautiful, because bme is illuminated at night.
I received this postcard from Susan, she lives in southern USA, and Tambe has lived in Alabama. The photo is a sculpture that has, in the Cathedral of the city she now lives, she said she thought she would enjoy this sculpture, I really enjoyed it. Susan likes to hike, take pictures and travel.
I received this card from a woman who lives in a city in Russia, Anastasiya her name, she is 32 years old. On the card it says that in the city where she lives, has only one Catholic Church. She sent me this card with this photo, to wish me Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year

My name is Eduardo, I'm 16. This card, I got a girl from Russia called Lera, she said it is a photo of the temple "Savior on Spilled Blood." Lera lives in St. Petersburg and the city is 15 years.